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N1407U is a 172M model and features a GTN 650 IFR WAAS GPS, full ADSB and a recently redone interior and a powerflow exhaust system for better climb rates. We recently equipped it with dual G5's which are just awesome. Our venerable Skyhawk serves as a fantastic primary trainer and instrument training platform.

Hobbs Wet: $115
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N7561X is our flagship aircraft, a beautiful 182RG. It is equipped with a GTN 750 WAAS IFR GPS, full ADSB and makes for an excellent cross country hauler pushing close to 160 kts.

Hobbs Wet: $175
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N9556K is a beautiful Piper Archer PA28-181 and now sports a brand new T&P paint job, new interior and new windows. It features a new factory remanufactured 180 horsepower Lycoming motor, a brand new prop and makes for a rock solid cross country and instrument training platform. This aricraft has a Garmin GTN-650 GPS and fully ADSB equipped and a Garmin G5 digital HSI.

Hobbs Wet: $125
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The Cessna 182 is the ultimate all around general aviation light aircraft. The newest member of our fleet, N21348 is ADSB equipped, sports a new factory remanufactured engine and a new Garmin GTN 750xi. 348 is exceptionally clean, low time airplane that really hauls the mail.

Hobbs Wet: $155
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