our club

Our club is comprised of up to 80 members, some of which volunteer their time to serve as club directors.

The club directors serve to provide responsible fiscal management of club funds, scheduling oversight, handle all aircraft maintenance, coordinate membership duties as well as provide general management of the club. We are guided by the NRI Flying Club by-laws which essentially act as our "constitution". In general we expect all members to act in good faith for the best interests of the club. Elections to the board of directors are held annually in March.

Members enjoy good aircraft availability and the lowest possible price for a well maintained, well equipped and airworthy aircraft. As a non profit and volunteer based club, all revenue from flight operations goes back into the club. Our stated goal is to break even, so basically it's not possible to operate an aircraft of similiar caliber for less money. Members also enjoy easy access and flexible scheduling rules so they can most benefit from everything general aviation has to offer.

Our Code of Ethics

We believe it is our duty and obligation to act in good faith as stewards of the general aviation community.

It's a sad reality that general aviation is in decline and under constant attack via airport closures, negative and misinformed media coverage, spiraling costs and public apathy in the age of video games and snap chats. Our duty as responsible pilots is to maintain a high ethical standard and set a good example for what aviation is about and should be. We'd like our youth to turn their eyes away from their selfie photos and culture of instant gratification and towards the sky, in order to marvel at the math and science of air and space, in awe of the miracle of human flight. Becoming a pilot is not easy to achieve, but it's an accomplishment to be proud of! Accordingly we strive to act as follows